Your journey

Helping you achieve the things that are important to you is our reason for being in business. You may be talking to advisers who focus solely on what products you should buy or invest in; they may not be exploring all of the opportunities available to you.

We work with you firstly to explore what's important to you, which might mean retiring earlier, buying a second home or simply resting easy in the knowledge your family have long-term financial security. Whatever your aspirations, our open-minded approach gives you the best opportunity to achieve them.

Here’s how we approach the financial planning process.



About you

Once you feel ready and prepared to do so, we'll meet and discuss your unique circumstances and agree the likely cost for our advice. We’ll need to talk in detail about your current financial situation, goals and ambitions in order to consider where you are now versus where you want to be. We can then start building a profile which will help us to formulate the right plan for you.



Your goals & ambitions

Having the time and space within the first meeting to consider your goals and objectives is an important part of the journey. As we move forward in our discussions, you'll want to consider risk and reward in relation to your investments, and what you aspire to achieve. This feedback will enable us to undertake our financial analysis and begin to prepare a personal plan proposal that you can feel comfortable with.




After our first meeting, we'll work closely with our strategic partners to review your current situation. We will consider the full range of opportunities open to you and analyse the marketplace to ensure our solutions are compliant and make sense to you. We'll then compile a report and proposal that has been designed exclusively for you, in preparation for a follow-up meeting.



How to get there

We'll meet for a second time to present our report and proposal for you and talk through how to proceed. We make that process as straightforward as possible, completing paperwork on your behalf where possible and ensuring that the things that need to happen are taken care of. Thereafter, we stay in contact, meeting regularly as agreed to review the progress of your financial plan against your goals and objectives. As you would expect on any journey, you can rely on us to keep your plan on track and to review any changing needs along the way.

people we've helped

Since meeting James I truly feel that I have a clear financial plan for the future. That is invaluable to me. James really takes the time to understand mine and my family's goals. I have no hesitation in recommending him.


Wealth Harbour is a safe pair of hands. James has a personal interest in your life and helps make the right decisions for your lifestyle. I have used him for several years and my investments have maintained my requirements.


James understands my family and has given advice tailored to protect my personal wealth for many years. I have been impressed with his knowledge and am confident my finances are in the best of hands.


James has set up for me two family trusts. I now have the security of knowing my lifetime financial security is secure and also my children will be able to benefit from the trusts after my death.


James' work has been very positively beneficial to my financial position in retirement. James's strongest ability for me is his constant goal to "do better" for his clients and keep them informed.


Having lost my husband, I was in a mess. James was brilliant! He never pushed me to make any decisions. I have been 100% happy with the service I have received and would definitely recommend Wealth Harbour to a friend.


James shows a genuine interest in our lives and understands our goals. He has a friendly and professional approach. He made the transfer of my pension a stress-free process. I would happily recommend him.

Sean and Lorraine

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